Friday, July 16, 2010

time to, prepare to jump...

I leave Morehead City in three days. I plan to spend time with my brother and parents before I leave in less than fifteen days. Tonight, I decided to drink some brandy and pay attention to my blog (sort of).

Everyone asks me if I am super-excited about my trip...or if everything is 'surreal' to me right now. Yes, I am excited- but it is the kind of excitement that come in 'waves.' I don't know if that makes sense, but I am so happy to go somewhere new, yet I realize that I have NO IDEA what I am in for. I am on edge, hoping that everything will work out. That says it all.
Put yourself in my shoes- imagine moving to a city with over 12,000,000 people and signs that don't even used romanized letters. Well, it's not all that serious. I will be laughing at myself for most of the way anyway.

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