Monday, June 28, 2010

here today

Working more, drinking less. Learning more, writing more. Finding new sources of inspiration and looking forward to change.

I am writing music again...finally.

here is is a country ditty:

I'm here today,
gone tomorrow.
I hope you don't miss me too much.

I'm here today like a bandit on the spot,
but I'll soon be gone like a vanishing thought.

I'm here today,
gone tomorrow.
Please take care while I'm away.

I'm here now like a man in the spotlight,
but I'm leaving soon like a sparrow in flight.

I'm here today
but I'm leaving soon
I hope you don't miss me too much.

OK! I have been too busy living to write about living, but I needed to publish something for myself! That's all for now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Remain in Light

It's slightly overcast now...the clouds will likely obscure the sun for the next hour or so. While I love all the light and vitamin D the sun provides down here, I also enjoy these natural little breaks that quickly moving flocks of clouds afford. That is how life is here. Things are laid-back as ever this week; at times work is hot and intense and just plain aggravating, like the sun in your eyes or searing your skin. Then come the welcome breaks from that intensity. Though these breaks are often anything but productive(the don't offer vitamin D or monetary reward) , they come at a natural pace and give me time to play just as hard as I work.

Summer life is as sweet as a vine-ripened heirloom tomato.

Will buy my plane ticket soon...then it is 'on' for sure.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Alot of Movin'"

So...there are less than two months left before my hiatus from the western world. I received an e-mail from Thammasat U. saying that an official acceptance letter from the University will soon arrive- so the program is still on.

I am in Carteret County. This place feels so much like home, but it can be equally backward and ugly at the same time. I do love the bike-ride to work, however. Onto the boardwalk, under the big branch, always on my own, across the marsh that is low tide half the time.

My aging grandmother was in a car accident a few days ago. Things are not good; several bones are broken and the threat of pneumonia is always there for an injured elderly person. For me, the idea of my grandmother dying is so sad that it isn't really something I'm able to process. Prayer and thought are the only things I have that can help any of I keep praying and thinking good thoughts.