Monday, October 11, 2010


Today, I decided that I would move from my room with aircon, wifi, and king size bed at Amarin Mansion to Wat Mahatat. There I have a room with two flourescent lights, bare concrete floor, two desks, and one cluster of six electrical outlets that hang from the ceiling. I will also have an old table-top fan, two windows, and a synthetic woven mat to sleep on. Two doors open to the room from the outside and they are square, fit the doorway of approximately four feet, and lock with a simple padlock that appears to be perhaps fifteen years old. Apparently, three days or so ago, the novice living there (ironically the same one that introduced me to Charan) moved to another province. He left a bit of a mess behind, and I spent two hours or so throwing away trash and taking down Micheal Jackson and Thai movie star posters. Apparently, he was a little strange, not talking to many people, and smoking ciggarettes just outside of his room... this of course, was frowned upon by the monks that share the temple complex. I will also be staying there FOR FREE, not to mention really getting to know an aspect of Thai culture by literally living with the host culture. I do not have to comply with any rules...I am just a resident that helps out. I also plan to teach conversational English.
My mission in Thailand is accomplished. I move in on the 25th.

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